Aims and objectives

Our aims

Image of a school room in the Bright Stars School in Dhaka

The new school room for children attending the Bright Stars School in Dhaka

To provide support for the establishment of schools and education programs for those children most in need in the world.

To support associated programs that will improve the quality of life of these children and their families who have no other access to education or training programs or welfare support.

To generate opportunities to benefit the local community, both socially and economically.

To encourage community involvement in the supported programs to strengthen knowledge and skills and reduce poverty.

Our objectives

To develop an awareness campaign for disadvantaged children in order to enlist broad support

To develop an informed member base who can make effective and meaningful contributions to the ES programs and fund raising events.

To develop a strong fundraising program to support the aims and provide funding for  the facilities and staff to operate schools and community projects.

To facilitate training programs to enable self-sustainability to the mothers and adolescent siblings of the students.

To facilitate access to healthcare, personal hygiene and nutrition programs for the students and their immediate families.

To encourage inclusive education programs for disabled children.

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