Bright Stars Development Program

What is the Bright Stars Development Program (BSSDP)? 

Children with Chito at the Bright Stars School

Children with Chito at the Bright Stars School

All funds raised under BSSDP are directed to priority need areas which presently are the continued construction of the school, the development of the “Sewing for Sustainability Program”, and the future Medical Clinic which is planned for the school when funding is available.

Sponsors fund’s are sent directly to SLUM (Society for Lowest Urban Mass) the Bangladesh based charity that administers the school. EchoStars has a committment to send all available funds to SLUM and there are  no administration costs. All donated money goes to SLUM for the  school and its programmes.

Membership fees are $2.00 per person annually and are deducted from your donation in each financial year. Download a membership form here and join us as we continue to change the lives of our Stars by offering them a first class primary education. Click here for Membership Form.

Full Sponsorship is $300.00 per annum..based on the cost to educate a student per year.

Half sponsorship is $150.00 per annum …less than 50cents per day but this makes a very valuable contribution.

Set your own amount .  For as little as $2.00 you can become a member and we will send you a quarterly newsletter and updates on our coming events.  Small donations go a long way in a third world country.

Click here for a Sponsorship form

Donate now via paypal …its easy …Click here for our donations via paypal.

Donate via credit card: Click here for our appeal page.

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