BrightStars School, Dhaka, Bangladesh

About the school

    Bright Stars Students with Chitto Halder

Children with Chito at the Bright Stars School

Bright Stars School is situated in the Vatara Slum district, 6638 East Vatara, Badda, Gulshan, Dhaka – 1212, Bangladesh. The school aims to educate children from one of the poorest places in the city.

As at December 2013 the school is finalising its construction and hopes to have an ‘official opening sometime in 2014. The school educates underprivileged, slum-dwelling children from 5 to 14 years old. Presently, a total of 150 children are educated in two daily shifts with another 74 ‘special needs’ children cared for on the ground floor through the Sanjeevani Centre.

BrightStars School Development Program (BSSDP) is totally dependant on Sponsors support. With a small monthly donation you can help ensure the BSSDP continues to support these wonderful students; All donations are tax deductible. Please make a donation today.

EchoStars primary focus is to raise funds to support the ‘BrightStars School Development Program’ (BSSDP).  All funds raised by EchoStars go to the BSSDP via SLUM; The Society for Lowest Urban Mass which is EchoStars affiliated NGO in Bangladesh that is  the administrative body for BrightStars school. No funds raised by EchoStars are used for any administration, travel or associated costs of SLUM or EchoStars.

The education program

The school offers a broad based curriculum with special focus on English with a reading , writing and spoken curriculum as well as the core subjects of Bangla, Maths and Social Studies. Bright Stars School offers a primary education program that goes beyond the standard national curriculum by beginning English from the first elementary grade and by incorporating a cultural program which extends to after school hours.

Extra curricular activities include the cultural program (music, drama, recitation and dance), an art competition, sports program which bring much joy and beauty to these children’s lives. The school has no open space as cost of land is prohibitive but with rubber grass matting and a protective barrier the roof top will serve as a playground once the school is complete. In the meantime the concrete floors in some of the class rooms have rubber matting for the purposes of play.

The school program includes the free provision of school uniforms, one hot meal per day, snacks, books and stationeries.


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