EchoStars – BrightStars School Development Project concludes with Rotary

As outlined in our annual report for 2014 ES had a  very successful year of fund raising last year which has given us the opportunity to begin another  ‘Schools Development Project’. This time we will be supporting the work of CO-ID on Bhola Island.

As per our annual report BrightStars now has a major corporate donor who has adopted the school under its corporate responsibility umbrella which will guarantee its security into the foreseeable future.  BrightStars is now fully funded and sustainable – wonderful outcome.

The ES – BrightStars School Development Program (ES–BSSDP) is now financially secure.  From Rotary perspective this will end their involvement in the program. With our relationship ending  with RAWCS, ES would like to thank RAWCS for their support and assistance.

The ES – BSSDP will however continue with our Literacy and Secondary School Scholarship Programs well funded for now and secure for the immediate future.  SLUM has funds in trust from ES for these two programs to cover costs for the next 2 years for the Literacy Program and for 3 years for the Secondary School Program. The quarterly report which will outline the programs progress  to date for 2015 will be due soon and posted on this site.

With one door closing another opens as ES begins a new project with a new relationship with CO-ID Australia to build a new school and pre-school on Bhola Island.

ES has recently gifted $11,000 to CO-ID as money towards a new pre-school and primary school building project being money we raised in 2014 in excess to the needs of ES– BSSDP. .

ES has requested as part of our finalisation with RAWCS to have the excess funds from our project 14 2013 14 directed to our new project with CO-ID. There is currently about $9,000 (reconciliation pending) in this account.  While ES and Rotary conclude their association ES is not actively engaged in any fund raising.

Our DONATE AND SPONSOR buttons for EchoStars have been closed with Rotary. The buttons currently go to the home page for RAWCS. These buttons will soon be activated to link to ES paypal online account.

ES  will be contacting our loyal supporters in due course with full details on this new project.

ES thanks all of our supporters for your generosity in making this happen.

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